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TOEIC  (Test of English for International Communications) is the most widely used English Language Competency test in the world, with over one million tests administered every year.  Unlike tests that focus on English in an academic setting, the TOEIC test measures English language proficiency in real-life and business situations.  TOEIC evaluation is widely recognized as one of the best testing methods in Canada and the world.


TOEIC is used by corporations and government agencies to assess their employees' English language abilities.  Language schools and universities use the TOEIC test for placement in English courses, to measure progress and to provide students with an internationally recognized TOEIC Certificate of Achievement. Individuals take the TOEIC test to track their progress in English language improvement and demonstrate to employers their Business English skills.

  • Vancouver English Centre is an official TOEIC Testing Centre.

  • Vancouver English Centre administers a TOEIC test in Vancouver Canada every month.

  • Each current Vancouver English Centre TOEIC student is entitled to one free TOEIC test.

  • You will receive an official TOEIC Score Report approximately 2 weeks after the test.

  • If you wish to purchase a TOEIC Certificate in Canada, you can send $25 after taking the test.

  • Only students who are currently enrolled in a Vancouver English Centre program may take free TOEIC tests.  Others pay the CAN$ 80 fee.

  • Students must register at least 7 calendar days before the TOEIC test date. 

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TOEIC ® is a trademark of Educational Testing Service (ETS).  This publication is not endorsed or approved by ETS or The Chauncey Group International Ltd.   In Canada, the TOEIC ® Program is administered by The Chauncey Group International Ltd, a subsidiary of Educational Testing Service.

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Vancouver English Centre is an official TOEIC Testing Centre.  VEC administers a TOEIC test in Vancouver Canada every four weeks.

TOEIC Canada - TOEIC Preparation Courses in Vancouver Canada - TOEIC Testing Centres in Vancouver Canada - TOEIC Testing Schedules in Canada - TOEIC Canada

TOEIC is one of the most widely used English language tests in Canada and the United States.